January 24, 2022

The Relationship Between Fuel Nozzle And Combustion Device

We all know that the use of nozzles is particularly extensive, and the application of nozzles in combustion devices is also particularly important. It is an indispensable component of various combustion devices. A part of the combustion device and the fuel nozzle have been integrated, and the nozzle has also become a part of the equipment. It is difficult to divide it in a strict sense.​​

1. For the nozzle of the solid fuel combustion device, it must be reasonably matched with the combustion air for smooth ignition and combustion. It is more obvious that the debugging and processing quality requirements of various fuel nozzles are all based on the fuel device. It also functions like a gas burner, the only difference being that the solid fuel must first be “fluidized” in order to be fed into the combustion zone from the nozzle. Whether it can be achieved to make a final evaluation. Or the combustion performance requirements must be considered in the nozzle design.​​

2. The fuel preparation device is also known as the nozzle used in the combustion device of gaseous fuel. Although it does not have the task of fuel atomization, it must ensure that the air and the fuel gas are mixed evenly. Therefore, the initial mixing process of fuel gas and air and the preparation device for the combustion process of this kind of fuel must be reasonably organized, especially the combustion nozzles on industrial furnaces in industrial production.

3. The use of atomizing nozzles is relatively common. The atomizing air itself will participate in the entire combustion process, and the atomizing steam itself will also affect the combustion process. Only by carefully matching the relationship between fuel and air (steam) can not only ensure good liquid mist distribution, Atomized gas can also ensure good combustion.

4. the main function of the fuel nozzle (or atomization nozzle) is to form the fuel into fine mist droplets, which is also convenient for faster evaporation and faster mixing with air. Therefore, based on its subsequent requirements, it must be coordinated with its matching air flow to ensure rapid and reliable ignition and stable and complete combustion. Because of this, the nozzle and the combustion device are often integrated, which is one of the reasons.

5. The requirements for energy saving and low pollution of combustion devices have prompted the continuous research and development of new combustion technologies and combustion devices, and the main focus of new technologies and new devices is in addition to the innovation of combustion principles, a large number of The technical feature comes from the innovation of the fuel preparation unit, namely the fuel nozzle. Therefore, energy-saving and low-polluting combustion technologies and devices are closely related to nozzle technology.​​

Through the analysis of the five points mentioned above, it can be seen that the combustion device and the fuel nozzle are inseparable, so the general combustion technology will also be accompanied by the nozzle technology, and the general combustion device (with the burner, combustion chamber, burner) is related to The content must also have the content of the nozzle.

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