January 13, 2022

The Role Of Atomizing Nozzles In The Environmental Protection Industry

Whenever we walk through the garbage transfer station, we will smell an unpleasant rotten smell, which makes people uncomfortable, and the smell of some big cities is not very strong, because they are to improve the image of the city, through atomization The nozzle is treated by smell except special, the following is the application of atomizing nozzle in the environmental protection industry.

First, the atomizing nozzle is designed to suppress the odor of garbage deodorization and the change of waste generation, and the developed garbage deodorization product achieves the dual effect of removing garbage odor and suppressing garbage odor.

Second, the atomizing nozzle has a high concentration, which can be diluted 20-500 times and used to deodorize quickly and thoroughly. Cost-effective, economical and practical.

Third, the atomizing nozzle is a neutral product, all natural, non-toxic, non-flammable, non-corrosive, natural environment protection.

Fourth, nozzle classification
1. The use of atomizing nozzles in landfills:
100-500 dilution, spray the garbage directly. Removal of odors and modification of exhaust gases to suppress the effects of odors.
2. Use of small pressure station and transfer station:
Use 20-50 dilution with special equipment for garbage deodorization to remove the odor in the air and modify the garbage to suppress the effect of odor.
3. Garbage room, garbage temporary storage yard:
10-20 dilution, spray directly on the surface of the garbage, remove the odor in the air and inhibit the odor modification of the garbage
It can be seen from the above that the influence of atomizing nozzles in various industries is very large.

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