January 19, 2022

What accessories does the nozzle have?

Nozzles are often widely used in irrigation, transportation, chemical and other industries. They are an important product that can save resources and have high work efficiency. Nozzles can be used in spraying, oil injection and other processing, and play an irreplaceable role. The accessories of nozzles often include solenoid valves, pressure gauge joints, pipe threaded joint fittings, and liquid filters. One of the nozzles is missing. Accessories are not fully functional.

1. Solenoid valve

Usually made of stainless steel and brass, it has structural characteristics, and has very good wear resistance, and there is no noise in the process of working. It can be used in various mechanical equipment, such as food machinery, cleaning equipment, etc.

2. Pressure gauge connector

A component made of brass that is easy to install and can measure the non-corrosive properties of the material.

3. Pipe Thread Fittings

It is composed of stainless steel. Different connection methods can be divided into different dry joints. The common ones are inner pipe threaded joints and outer pipe threaded joints, which are often widely used in the construction industry.

4. Liquid filter

The maintenance is very convenient, it is suitable for the transportation of various materials, and it also plays a good role in protecting the equipment of various nozzles.
There are many kinds of nozzle accessories, and different accessories have different uses and scopes of use. In the selection process, you should choose a suitable nozzle according to your own needs.

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