March 22, 2022

What are the advantages of spiral atomizing nozzles?

Many industries know very little about spiral atomizing nozzles. In today’s technological era, the atomization pattern of the spiral atomizing nozzle breaks the traditional conical spray pattern in which the fluid enters the fine concentric rings, and becomes a new spray pattern that is widely used in various industries. This spiral atomizing nozzle not only has certain innovations in design, but also has a greater breakthrough in performance and efficiency. So, what are the advantages of spiral atomizing nozzles?

spiral nozzle

Advantage 1: The design is novel

You may not know that spiral atomizing nozzles are also called desulfurization nozzles, large flow nozzles, and dust removal nozzles. They can produce extremely tiny particles smaller than 1000 microns, so they are named atomizing nozzles, so spiral nozzles can also be called spiral mist. spray nozzle. Moreover, this spiral atomizing nozzle is a rare spiral nozzle with atomizing effect among similar industrial nozzles. It has a novel design and is a new technology in the spray industry.

Advantage 2: Effectively prevent clogging

A very big advantage of the spiral atomizing nozzle is that it not only has a better atomization effect than other industrial nozzles, but also because the structure and composition of the spiral atomizing nozzle is special than the traditional nozzle, it is extremely difficult to block, which also makes it more It is suitable for some places with poor water environment.

Advantage 3: Diversified models and styles

There are many types of spiral atomizing nozzles, and there are also many choices. You can choose spiral atomizing nozzles from various angles. The larger the angle, the larger the coverage area, and the size of the spiral atomizing nozzle. There are also many choices. People You can also configure flanges for connection according to the installation environment, and the effect is better.

Advantage 4: Multi-layer spraying can be carried out

Under normal circumstances, ordinary 120-degree spiral atomizing nozzles have four spray layered interfaces, and even other specifications of spiral atomizing nozzles even have many layers of layered interfaces. Since each interface of the spiral atomizing nozzle forms a conical spray surface, we can imagine that a spiral nozzle has at least 4 conical spray surfaces and as many as seven spray surfaces, and its atomization effect is obviously better than The atomization effect of Puneng’s fine atomizing nozzle is much stronger.

Advantage 5: low cost and simple operation

The production mode of spiral atomizing nozzle is to use mold manufacturing, such as: injection molding, casting, calcining, etc. So it is much cheaper than your traditional metal fine atomizing nozzle, and the operation is very simple and easy to use.

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