February 22, 2022

What are the characteristics of air atomizing nozzles?

1. Scope of application

Suitable for humidifying, spraying, cooling, spraying and lubricating applications in the paper, electronics, food and pharmaceutical industries.

2. Features

1) Using the friction between the compressed air and the liquid, a very uniform and very fine atomization effect is produced, and the average atomized particle diameter is below 50 microns
2) The air atomizing nozzle is composed of a connecting body and a spray device, and the spray device is composed of an air cap and a liquid cap
3) The spray shapes are round, fan and 360 degree ring
4) The connecting body can be optionally equipped with a regulating needle valve to adjust the flow
5) The nozzle connection body has two independent liquid inlets and air inlets
6) The atomization structure includes pressure atomization and siphon atomization
7) The spray device has internal mixing and external mixing

3. The choice of jet atomization device

A range of air atomizing nozzles are available to provide a specific spray shape, specific flow rate and spray coverage. The spray units for each spray series are interchangeable, which provides
Different spray properties provide flexibility.

4. Controlling the fog effect

The atomizing device can be adjusted by varying the pressure of the gas and liquid to provide a spray of fine droplet size or a spray of coarse droplets. Generally, by increasing the gas pressure
Or reduce the liquid pressure resulting in a higher ratio of gas flow rate to liquid flow rate.
The fine droplet spray produced by the air atomizing nozzle can humidify the surrounding environment very well. This series of nozzles is an ideal choice for places requiring effective humidity control.

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