March 7, 2022

What are the classifications of spray systems?

Although spray systems can over-wet the leaves, substrate or the surrounding environment, they are inexpensive to build, so many greenhouse or outdoor systems are still in heavy use. The most commonly used are intermittent operation, and they are called Intermittent mist systems.

Application field and function classification of spray system installation:

1. Spray humidification system;
2. Spray cooling system;
3. Spray dust suppression system;
4. Spray cooling system;
5. Spray sprinkler system;
6. Spray deodorization system;
7. Spray landscaping system;
8. Spray disinfection system;
9. Spray cleaning system;

Due to the wide range of application fields of spray systems, fully automated spray systems can be realized based on experience in fluid mechanics, water jet technology, spray technology, and mechanical design.

Spray system features:

1. The atomizing nozzle of the spray system has fine mist and is easily absorbed by the air
2. The spray system is energy-saving; no air compressor is needed, and the total power consumption is less than 2.5kw, which is one-twentieth of the air-water and centrifugal air compressor energy consumption. At present, the maximum humidification capacity of ultrasonic wave is 50 liters/hour, and the humidification capacity of this machine can reach 1200 liters/hour, which is 24 times that of ultrasonic wave.
3. The humidity of the spray system is uniform.
4. The spray system is fully automatically controlled, and no one is required to be on duty.
5. The spray system is stable and reliable and has a long life.

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