December 31, 2021

What are the functions of industrial humidification systems?

Industrial humidification system is mainly composed of four parts: control device, water treatment device, high pressure device, automatic detection and troubleshooting device.

However, judging from the history of the development of industrial humidifiers in the past, in recent years, in the context of the increasingly globalized and integrated era of the international economy, the vigorous development of industry, the rapid improvement of production technology and craftsmanship, and the environmental problems of the workshop have also followed. Improved.

Especially in improving the workshop environment, industrial humidification systems have played an important role.

For example, many industries have different requirements for air humidity. If the humidity requirements are not met, it will cause a series of consequences. Some places need shorter seasons, such as the south, and some places need longer humidity seasons, such as the north. . However, due to the needs of the production process, even in some places there is only one or two months of humidification season each year, in order to ensure the normal production of the industry and avoid the degradation of product quality, industrial humidifiers will also consider the industry’s moisture problem.

Generally speaking, according to the statistical analysis of the data of the international HVAC industry, human beings feel the most suitable for living and working in an environment with a temperature of 22~26℃ and a relative humidity of 40~60%, and the work efficiency is the highest. Industry, etc. have a good protective effect.

After visiting and investigating, we found
The impact of a dry environment:

① The dust in the air has greatly increased, causing people to be emotionally irritable.

②Greatly increase the chance of people with bronchitis.

③The static electricity increases greatly, which brings uncomfortable feeling to people.

Therefore, the traditional view that people only rely on central air conditioning humidifiers to complete indoor humidity is wrong.
In textile factories, cigarette factories, printing factories and other craft workshops, in order to reduce the humidity in the workshops during the summer heat, it is necessary to reduce the humidity of the air conditioning air supply. This kind of low temperature air can only humidify the relative humidity to a saturated state. At this time, the temperature of the air conditioner needs to be lowered, so that the air will become very low, so a heat radiation effect will be produced.

In addition, the spray particles of industrial humidifiers are fine and uniform, which can be quickly absorbed by the air to complete humidification, static elimination, dust reduction, dust reduction and cooling effects.

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