March 2, 2022

What are the special nozzles for the paper industry?

Papermaking nozzles have been refined and upgraded from various types of nozzles to special papermaking nozzles due to their wide application and professional requirements in the papermaking industry.

ceramic nozzle

Here are five common types of papermaking nozzles:

1. Defoaming nozzle: To remove the foam in the pulp, use a hollow cone nozzle and a spiral nozzle.
2. Water needle nozzle: the needle type nozzle, which is used when cutting paper. The nozzle is required to work under high pressure conditions and needs to be inlaid with ceramics or high alloys.
3. Cleaning nozzle: It is mainly used to clean the cage wool. Generally, needle-type nozzles and fan-type nozzles are used, and the type is self-cleaning nozzle.
4. Coating nozzle: that is, the surface coating spray of paper, used on the coating machine, the type is atomizing nozzle.
5. Pulp-pulling nozzle: the type is narrow-angle nozzle.
6. Fan nozzle: widely used in the paper industry, mainly for spray dust reduction.

With the continuous improvement of papermaking technology, people’s requirements for paper quality continue to increase, and nozzles have played an indispensable role in paper production. The varieties of modern paper include commonly used coated paper, double offset paper, colored paper, newsprint, etc. There are more and more varieties of paper, and the requirements for paper quality are getting higher and higher, especially for the production process of paper, so the nozzle plays an indelible role in the manufacturing process of paper. The purification nozzle produced by CYCO can keep the environment of the paper manufacturing workshop at the specific humidity required by the paper, and produce at a specific temperature to meet the production environment needs of the paper manufacturing. Like the morning mist on a mountain, it effectively humidifies the air without making it overly humid.

The second is that in the process of paper cutting, the spray effect of the nozzle is inseparable. Since the products made of paper are dry, they are prone to static electricity. Under the action of static electricity when cutting paper, the edges of the paper will not be smooth. It is conducive to cutting, and the edges of the cut paper are not neat, so the paper is ugly, and it is not conducive to the paper feeding of the printing machine, which greatly reduces the printing speed and printing quality. In the paper cutting process, the use of micro-mist nozzles can solve these problems.

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