February 15, 2022

What industries need spray humidification?

First, understand the working principle of spray humidification: after the water is purified, it is sent to the atomizing nozzle through high pressure for atomization treatment. The space humidity is increased, and the purpose of dust reduction and air purification is achieved. The water mist atomized by the high-pressure micro-mist spray will not fall to the ground to form small water droplets, and will not wet the ground. The cost is low, the production efficiency is improved, and the quality of the working environment is improved. Where are spray humidifiers used?

1. Spray humidification in textile mills, spray humidification in yarn-dyed factories
There are a lot of fine fluff, broken threads and dust in the textile factory. When these things fly in the air, they will destroy the air quality of the factory. In addition, the existence of dust will also damage the textile fabric. After using spray humidification, air quality can be greatly improved, dust and lint can be reduced, which is of great help to textile production, and can also ensure the health of employees.

2. Tobacco factory spray humidification
The use of spray humidification can solve the problems of crisp and fragile tobacco leaves after drying, prevent the tobacco leaves from being damaged, reduce the loss of tobacco leaf flavor, reduce waste, and improve the yield and quality of tobacco leaves.

3. Spray humidification in industrial production workshop
In the dry environment of the industrial production workshop, the electrostatic dust in the air will increase greatly. These industrial dusts not only affect the quality of products, but also threaten the safety of the production environment, which brings great trouble to industrial production. Reasonable control of the air humidity greater than 45% can effectively prevent the generation of static electricity, so as to achieve the effect of dust reduction. The uniform water mist can not only humidify but also purify the air.

4, paper mill cardboard line spray humidification
The impact of humidity on paper products is very important. If the humidity is too high, the strength of the cardboard cannot be achieved. If the humidity is too low, the cardboard will be very brittle, the bursting strength will be greatly reduced, and it will be easily damaged. Therefore, improving the stability of the humidity in the workshop can improve the Corrugated cardboard production quality, thereby improving production efficiency.

5. Spray humidification in printing factory
The humidity of the air in the printing plant is the same as the temperature, which is an important factor affecting the printing quality. Usually, the temperature of the paper warehouse is 18-20 degrees, and the humidity is 60-65%, so as to ensure that the paper has sufficient moisture content before entering the printing workshop, prevent the deformation of the paper, and improve the printing yield.

6. Agricultural seedling greenhouse spray humidification
If the ambient temperature in the greenhouse is too high and the humidity is not enough, it will lead to problems such as dehydration and dryness of plants and slow growth during the planting process. Use spray humidification, and use humidity probes to accurately control the humidity range and optimize the plant growth environment.

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