February 17, 2022

What is high pressure water mist?

High-pressure water mist, also known as micro-water mist, has a pressure greater than 10MPa. It is based on a positive displacement pump, usually a plunger pump, and the system pressure can reach up to 100-200MPa. The high-pressure water mist system and device are generally safe, economical and efficient, and the pressure is usually 10-20MPa. High-pressure water mist refers to the water mist with DV0.99<100μm generated under the pressure of not less than 10MPa.

The traditional water mist refers to the medium and low pressure water mist (the pressure is 1~2MPa), which is based on the centrifugal pump, and the pressure is usually about 1~2MPa. The difference between the water spray is that the spray head is replaced, and the rest changes very little. The traditional fine water mist refers to the water mist with the cumulative volume distribution parameter DV0.99<1000μm of the droplet on the plane 1m away from the nozzle, which is generated under the minimum working pressure.

The high pressure water mist fire extinguishing system is fundamentally different from the traditional medium and low pressure water mist (water spray) fire extinguishing system from the pressure formation principle to the flow and pressure control of the entire system and the core components. A series of fundamental differences lead to huge differences in fire fighting efficiency, fire fighting type and application site. In addition to replacing traditional medium and low pressure water mist (water spray), high-pressure water mist can also replace gas, aerosol, dry powder, foam, water spray, fire hydrant and other fire extinguishing systems.

In particular, high-pressure ultra-fine water mist (DV0.99<10μm) has become an effective technology to replace chemical fire extinguishing methods such as gas.

High-pressure water mist not only has high-efficiency water-saving, safe and environmentally friendly fire extinguishing functions, but also has special smoke reduction, cooling and poison reduction functions. It can quickly isolate the fire source, effectively degrade and block the smoke and toxic gases at the fire scene, and form an escape channel, which is conducive to the evacuation of personnel and the protection of the life safety of firefighters. Various flexible applications of high-pressure water mist technology products in different places reflect the trinity development idea of ​​”fire-extinguishing effect, personal safety and environmental protection”.

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