March 25, 2022

What is the tank cleaning machine?

TANK CLEANING MACHINE is an automatic cleaning device for large oil tanks, oil storage tanks, large containers and large tanks.

The development history of tank cleaning machine

The original prototype tank cleaning method is similar to the flushing of fire hoses, but as the volume of the oil tank becomes larger and larger, this method is less and less able to meet the needs, and personnel going out of the tank will bring hidden dangers to life safety. In the 1950s, the British DASIC invented the automatic tank cleaning machine. This tank cleaning machine has been widely used in the cleaning of large oil storage tanks, tanks and large containers in oil tankers, chemical tankers, food industry, pharmaceutical industry, wine industry and so on.

tank cleaning nozzle

How the cleaning machine works

The tank cleaning machine is driven by a certain pressure of cleaning medium, and drives the built-in gear to rotate the body horizontally 360 degrees, while the nozzle rotates 360 degrees vertically. Therefore, the water column emitted by the nozzle achieves a three-dimensional 360-degree omnidirectional coverage.

Classification of tank cleaning machines

The tank cleaning machine is divided into: single nozzle tank cleaning machine, double nozzle tank cleaning machine/multi-nozzle tank cleaning machine
According to the installation method, it can be divided into fixed tank cleaning machine or mobile tank cleaning machine.

Tank cleaning machine programming

Dual Nozzle Tank Washer Programming
Programming refers to pre-setting the ratio of the horizontal rotation rate and the vertical rotation rate through the internal gear configuration to set the coverage times and density of the partially cleaned surface. For example, if the bilge surface is dirty, the bilge can be covered multiple times by the water column of the cleaning machine through the pre-programming of the cleaning machine.

Programming a single nozzle tank washer
Single-nozzle tank cleaning machine: The user can adjust the complexity of the tank surface and adjust the programming module on the spot to increase or decrease the number of cleaning coverage of the local surface

Shadow map of the tank cleaning machine
The shadow map refers to the distribution map of the area that cannot be cleaned due to the influence of the position of the cleaning machine and the structure of the bulkhead. The shaded map should also indicate the shaded area as a percentage of the total area.

Tank cleaning program

When the unloading of the liquid cargo is partially completed, the tank cleaning machine is turned on for cleaning. At this time, the tank cleaning medium is the liquid cargo itself. In this way, the adhesion on the bulkhead can be removed without causing contamination of the cargo itself. When the unloading is completed, it can be used for geodesic cleaning with heated water.

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