March 3, 2022

What nozzles are used for exhaust gas scrubbing?

In the treatment of automobile exhaust gas, nozzles are often used in the exhaust gas scrubbing of factories, but which nozzle should be used?

In general factories and other production-oriented enterprises, hollow spiral nozzles, full cone spiral nozzles, and full cone nozzles are used for exhaust gas scrubbing. All three nozzles produce evenly distributed sprays with medium to large drop sizes over a wide range of flow rates and pressures. These high flow nozzles are effective in many pollution control, cooling and aeration applications. Due to the large and smooth channel design, there is less blockage.

Petrochemical waste gas can be divided into oil refining waste gas, petrochemical waste gas, synthetic fiber waste gas and petrochemical fertilizer waste gas according to the production industry. The waste gas emitted by the four major production industries can be divided into combustion flue gas, production process waste gas, flare waste gas and fugitive waste gas.

1. Exhaust gas pollution. The waste gas from the petrochemical process is discharged into the environment after being recycled by industrial equipment, which is harmful to the environment.

2. The production plants of petrochemical enterprises polluted by process waste gas are large in scale, and the process waste gas emissions are relatively large. Pollutants spread widely. Although pollutants are discharged at high altitudes, environmental pollution is still serious.

3. Torch discharge pollution Torch is crucial to the safety and environmental protection facilities of petrochemical production. The petrochemical plant will release combustible gas after burning under the conditions of opening, stopping, and abnormal operation (such as venting and decompression) to the torch. The sewage discharge of the torch is larger than that of the heating furnace.

4. Combustion flue gas pollutes petrochemical plants, and combustion flue gas emissions account for about 60% of the total exhaust gas emissions. The heating furnace of the petrochemical company mainly uses vacuum residue oil as fuel, and the remaining oil contains about 0.2-3%. The combustion produces sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides and dust in the exhaust gas. After dust removal, the sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides in the exhaust gas are discharged. The sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides in the exhaust gas are generally treated by high-altitude emission.

5. The fugitive emissions of petrochemical enterprises are mainly composed of two parts: one is the leakage of pipelines, pumps and equipment in the production process, and the dangerous gases discharged into the environment are volatilized in the trench; Petrochemicals volatilize into polluted air. The use of petrochemical waste gas washing spiral nozzles can effectively purify the air and achieve good results.

The above five items are all petrochemical production waste gas. It is not difficult to find that while industry brings about the development of life, the damage to the ecological environment is huge. Therefore, we need to protect the environment, we need to use nozzles for exhaust gas scrubbing. Spiral nozzles for petrochemical waste gas purification are indispensable equipment in the petrochemical industry.

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