February 25, 2022

Why does the paper industry use nozzles?

With the popularity of nozzles and the special requirements of the papermaking process, nozzles are more and more widely used in the papermaking industry. From the headbox, wire pressing section, drying section, and coiling section, the existence of nozzles is everywhere. The use effect of the nozzle directly affects the quality of the paper, so although the nozzle is small, it is an important accessory that cannot be ignored in the paper mill.

The main applications of nozzles in the paper industry are:

1 Cleaning of paper web, cleaning of press section felt, cleaning of blind hole rollers, cleaning of grooved rollers, etc. Fan-shaped nozzles, high-pressure needle-shaped nozzles, and self-cleaning fan-shaped nozzles are generally used for cleaning.
2 Cut the edge of the paper. The cutting of the paper edge mainly uses a high-pressure needle-shaped nozzle, which can form a linear needle-shaped liquid column flow under different pressure conditions and can withstand a pressure of up to 140 bar. The nozzle material is 316 stainless steel and high-alumina ceramics.
3 Pulp defoaming. To remove the foam in the pulp, hollow cone nozzles and spiral nozzles are generally used.
4 Paper coating spray. The surface coating of paper is generally sprayed with fine water mist nozzles and air atomizing nozzles.
5 Tank cleaning. Tank cleaning nozzles can be selected for tank cleaning in paper mills, and the cleaning speed is fast. And the cleaning cost is low.

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