March 24, 2022

Why is the nozzle leaking?

Atomizing nozzles are divided into air atomizing nozzles, siphon atomizing nozzles, fine atomizing nozzles and high-pressure atomizing nozzles. If these nozzles have dripping problems in their non-working state (closed), what is the cause? ?


1. Connection method

The first thing we need to check is whether there is a problem with the connection method of the atomizing nozzle, such as whether the sealing measures are done well (wrap raw material tape, add raw material glue, etc.).

2. Welding connection method

If the welding and sealing of the atomizing nozzle interface is not good, or the welding is not in place, this will lead to the problem of dripping water when the atomizing nozzle is closed.

3. Whether the seal inside the nozzle is complete

After the atomizing nozzle has been used for a long time, the inner sealing ring may be worn or corroded, which will also cause the problem of dripping water in the closed state of the atomizing nozzle.

4. Nozzle aging

Atomizing nozzles are consumables. When the atomizing nozzle reaches its service life, it needs to be replaced with a new nozzle. Otherwise, various problems will occur due to various losses caused by long-term use.

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