January 5, 2022

Why spray dust reduction is the best way to control dust?

First, the necessity of dust control.

-Dust is mainly solid particles produced during the production process, which can float in the air.
The special nature and particle size of dust are very harmful to the human body.
-Dust also has a great impact on industrial production, reducing product quality and mechanical working accuracy, affecting the visibility of the working environment.
Some dust will explode under certain conditions.
-Excessive concentration of dust discharged into the atmosphere can also cause environmental pollution.
As a new type of dust removal technology, the spray dust removal system is the most effective dust removal method in open places, with obvious dust removal effects and significant economic benefits.

Second, the principle of the spray dust suppression system.

Spray dust removal is a new type of dust removal technology. Its principle is to use particles produced by spray to form flying water mist.
Because the water mist particles are micron-sized and very small, and the surface tension is basically zero, sprayed in the air can quickly absorb dust particles of various sizes in the air, creating fresh air.
This atomization effect does not produce water droplets and moisture, and can achieve various effects such as dust removal and humidification, forming an effective dust removal control.

Third, the application of spray dust suppression system.

Spray dust removal system equipment is widely used in foundries, textile factories, ports, printing plants, airports, construction sites, coal mines, etc.
The cost is low and the dust removal effect is obvious.
The system also has multiple purposes such as deodorization, disinfection, cleaning, etc., which can achieve multiple purposes and is economical to use.
The system has low cost, low operation and maintenance cost, economical and practical, and the control system can realize unmanned automatic control.
From the use effect, the spray dust removal system device effectively reduces the dust concentration in various working environments by more than 90%, creating a comfortable and safe working environment.

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