January 4, 2022

Why The Spray Dust Suppression System Is Suitable For Construction Sites

The construction site usually causes a large amount of dust in the air due to construction, which has a great impact on the construction personnel and the environment.
Therefore, the government has strong regulations on dust dispersion at construction sites, requiring the installation of dust removal systems to reduce environmental hazards and human hazards caused by dust.

The spray dust removal system is an effective solution to reduce dust hazards. Through the principle of high-pressure atomized water, pressurized by a high-pressure column, the atomizing nozzle is used to refine the water into extremely small particles, and increase the dust in the air to achieve the effect of dust removal.

Why is the spray dust removal system suitable for construction sites?
Mainly reflected in the following three aspects:

1. Smart and efficient

Compared with other dust removal products, the spray dust removal system has small spray particles, large spray volume, high efficiency, no pollution, environmental protection, and can be manually and automatically operated, which is simple and convenient.

2. Energy saving and environmental protection

The spray dust removal system can make full use of water resources, and the vaporization efficiency of water can reach more than 99%; the cost and maintenance cost are a few tenths of the traditional equipment; when the load is working, the power consumption is only 2.55kw/h;

3. Simple installation and maintenance

The spray dust removal system is mainly composed of stainless steel pipes, precision nozzles, imported water machines, electric pumps, main pump units, and main control systems.
Workers are easy to use, easy to install, disassemble and maintain.

In addition, spray dust reduction is not only suitable for construction sites, but also for other workshops that require dust reduction. Different models of products are designed according to different occasions, and they also have the functions of humidification, cooling and deodorization.

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